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      James Stuart

      A voice from the wilderness I am not, for we are many and our voice is loud and clear.

      Who are we?

      We are the majority, previously the “silent majority”, but increasingly finding our feet and our voice as, increasingly, we become enraged due to the actions of the minority who wish only to destroy our heritage, our freedoms, our future.

      We are the majority. We live in a country renowned for fighting against incredible odds to preserve this precious freedom. It’s only quite a small country on the north western edge of a more large land mass, at the side of a large, stormy ocean. A small country yet the world perceives us as the beacon of freedom – and amid the dynamic chaos of the world around us, this is important because we are that much needed forward looking stability standing against the chaos.

      And so who are we?

      We are people from all walks of life who believe in a set of common concepts and because of this we are classed, by the destructive minority, as dangerous extremists. Why? Because we believe in democracy, we believe in freedom and we believe in equality. We believe in one person, one vote, one voice – regardless of age, gender, location, colour, status, beliefs. We believe that if a population votes for a certain course of action then the course of action is adhered to – because this is the will of the majority and there is one person, one vote. Democracy may not be perfect but it is by far more preferable to many of the alternatives plaguing the world, even in the enlightened 21st century.

      Yet because we believe in one person, one voice, we are sneered at and called “stupid” by the destructive minority, that growing dictatorship from within who believe that any who disagree with their view of the world should be silenced. Hitler and Stalin both thought that way. So did Mao Zedong. So do the Supreme Leader of Iran and the Supreme Leader of North Korea and every other tyrant since the beginning of time. They all seek to squash free speech, they all seek to alter history and therefore manipulate the present and control the future … in exactly the same way as the destructive minority, that growing dictatorship from within our own country.

      Therefore who are we?

      We are the at the sharp end of a long line of ancestors who have been called upon to stand for freedom. Now it is our turn, our opportunity to stand against would be dictatorship and preserve precious freedom to create a better future for our children. Truly, we have no choice because if we don’t do it, who will? This is who we are. We are the people of Britain, regardless of age, gender, colour, belief, status, location. We are the people of Britain, that beacon of hope for an entire world – and we stand for freedom. We do not do this so our names are written in future history. We do this to ensure there is a future and not the genocide of ideas, beliefs and lives that all dictators resort to.

      This is who we are and we should be proud of who we are. We refuse to be lectured to by those wishing to silence our voices, by those wishing to rewrite history, by those wishing to undermine democracy. We are the people of Britain. You might be able to knock us down, but be warned, we will stand up again, we will always rise up … and we will come straight for you. And history shows, that history you detest, we always survive, leaving in our wake the shattered remains of would be dictators.

      We ARE the people of Britain. A voice from the wilderness we are not for we are many and our voice is loud and clear.

      James Stuart

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