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      Hi, all

      If you’re reading this, it means you have left the dominance of the big tech and YouTube, and have joined us on this independent platform, free of censorships and ads!!!

      Feel free to use these forums to start discussions on any political topic you like.

      We Are The Media!


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      Kizzy Catwoman

      Good luck

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      Free to start on any subject How about Why Israel is in defending iyself? that is my starter or will I get thrown out as usual for that stand?

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        Colin Francis

        So glad you are back on air Mahyar.

        Ironically I found Andre Walker via you ages ago, and he’s directing his followers to you here.

        You know what they say “what goes round comes round”.

        Best of British to you!

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      Paul M

      Good to see you have made the move, but why not have a very regular (every couple of days) YouTube post directing previous YouTube viewers to this site. Say nothing controversial on it. I assumed you had given up until I heard on Alex Belfield’s site you were setting this up.
      People generally will not go looking for you. Don’t think they will just find you as if by a miracle. You worked hard for your YouTube audience so don’t lose it!
      Best wishes
      Paul M

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      Hi Mahyar it’s taken me ages to get here your site must have been overwhelmed. Well now I’m here and I wish you well in your new adventure.

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      Can anyone tell me why I am able to cast the daily video to my Chromecast off my laptop using Chrome but not off my android mobile using Chrome?

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      Ellie g

      Great to find you again. Looking forward to the future shows

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      Great start Mayhar! Thank you.

      A little suggestion, is it possible to have dates shown on news articles and daily shows?

      Keep up the good work


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      Erik Roberts

      Thank you for the Welcome Mahyar. I look forward to your comments and opinions.
      Thank you. Erik.

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      got to be a Muslim Christian thing, and, why wouldn’t a country defend itself, they have every right

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      It’s good that you’re now independent! Hope it all works well for you!

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      Annasty Beach

      Hope all goes well, and looking forward to you guys having more freedom to express yourselves now 🙂

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      Ann Burgess

      When you have time to fine-tune everything, please put an edit button on posts as I hate seeing a typo Or mistake I can’t correct. Make the font bigger so over forties can read it without a magnifying glass. But it’s lovely being able to compose a comment in a bigger space than the tiny little strip you get from YouTube.

      But overall this looks great and I’m guessing you’re still struggling to accommodate vast numbers of subscribers without crashing the site since you only have one video up. Take a deep breath: we can be patient…

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        Ann Burgess

        I see my comment above is out of date. There’s no edit button on it since my attempt to delete it. Moderator, if you could delete all my comments on this thread I might regain a little self respect!
        Thank you!

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      Ann Burgess

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      Jill Dwyer

      excellent, so pleased you have done this. Youtube drive me mad with the ADDS, and as for their policy of shutting down whatever they perceive is wrong is sheer arrogance on their part.

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      Amen Mahyar! Seize the opportunity while it exists so the lovers of freedom today can shape tomorrow. I started listening to you on You Tube. Your unique brand of gentle probing and humor with a sprinkle of bite became daily fare. But stopped about 6 months ago as I felt the YT walls closing in. I did not engage on that platform as I did not feel comfortable there. I pray that this space will allow you to strengthen your wit even further with unfettered freedom so like-minded folk can continue to enjoy respectful debates that made the west great!

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      Brilliant new site. Is Alex Belfield on board? I hope so.
      Also, are you planning to do interviews with relevant people?

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