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      Dominic Cummings was the man who was going to sort out the establishment. Reform the BBC and the Civil service, “drain the swamp”.
      Has Cummings been manipulated by an extremely clever establishment whose aim is to close Johnson down and slowly move the UK back towards Brussels.
      I wonder if he even considered this or am I just an old cynic.

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      I wonder what impact this will have if any? Most in the public already view him as tarnished over his trip during lockdown so is this likely to be another media storm that does not change voting intentions etc

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      Ah this is just another media frenzy. The media are acting like a pool of piranha trying to attack & destroy Boris Johnson & the will of the electorate, they simply can’t cope with the fact he’s like a Flavorstone Non Stick frying pan in the eyes of the public. This government is delivering on the promises it made before the election & the only people putting up roadblocks to what we voted for are the opposition benches & the failed politicians who were parachuted into the Lords. How is it we have so many lib Dems in the Lords? They should all have been booted out for hiding what Paedophile Cyril Smith was up to. If David Steel knew as he said he did then so did the rest of them & what turns my stomach was I actually met the creep when I was about 14 on a school trip to the Westminster in the 70’s & he was one of the people giving a speech about if abortion had been allowed when he was born he wouldn’t be where he was today, many who he abused will wish it was around on the 28th June 1928!

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      Cummings was right to try and take on the civil servants ( anyone who has watched yes minister, can see the similarity to how real MPs and Civil servants compare to the actors and scripts.) but he has a tarnished reputation difficult to know what the truth is. Apparently he was trying to get everyone to do the right thing and was being ignored.

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      I used to have a lot of respect for Cummings and I still think his trip up north was justified and mis-reported by the Marxist Media.
      The fact he has turned on his old colleagues is very disappointing but I think he has misjudged the public mood.
      Those that hate and oppose Boris and his government will continue to do so.
      Those that support Boris and Brexit and his government will not be swayed by his testimony.

      The neutrals will find it hard to believe that a guy who was at the heart of decision making in many of the key moments over the past few years is now “on the other side” and many will regard his accusations like a jilted lovers revenge porn.

      Dominic Cummings has lost any faith and support I had for him. I believe many others will feel the same way.

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      Amazing how all the opposition parties that spitted bile whenever Cummings spoke now agree with his every word? Strange that….

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      So the COnservative ratings improve as a result of this. Boris is bullet proof at the moment!

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