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      Hey guys!

      As you know, we had to postpone our post-lockdown party because of the extension. But don’t worry, we will be doing it again hopefully in July/August and already have Nigel Farage as one of the special guest speakers.

      Feel free to suggest any other names for us to invite as guest speakers.

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      Hi Mahyar,

      Here’s my list of go to You Tubers who would be decent to interview or people who would be great to get on from GB News.

      Andrew Neil and Neil Oliver to talk about Scottish Politics. Although they might be a tad busy!

      Jeff Taylor, Michael Heaver, Darren Grimes, Paul Joseph Watson, Carl Benjamin, Crime Bodge, and UK Patriot.

      I think they would all be quality viewing!

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      Sounds good! Looking forward to the party!

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        I do like these suggestions as guests

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      Hi Mahyar,

      A suggestion could be ‘We Got A Problem’.

      Also, reading through your newsletter, Paul GAscoigne would be an interesting invite.

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      Ann Burgess

      John Loeffler of Steel on Steel (American Talk Radio host who shares a lot of your opinions but is interesting because of the context of USA);
      Jeff Taylor – yes, I’d love to hear him! He ditched the stuffy presentation for a conversation a couple of times recently and it was good.
      Also Douglas Murray – and what about Konstantin and Francis from Triggernometry?

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