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      Here, we can discuss anything related to Scottish Politics

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      If Scotland go independent and can’t use the £ (and have to wait on the €), they may have to float the Haggis and see if it sinks on the currency markets. I understand the initial currency could be 1 haggis to 10 fried Mars bars. THeir cryptocurrency would be known as the “dramie” but would be unsafe as only 30% proof and not 100%

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      Ian Rogers

      The Blair policy of devolution has been a disaster for the Uk as a whole. I agree with Tim Heale in his musings. Boris needs to have the guts to get rid of the devloved powers, with the excepotion of NI as that is politically too challenging, and consider how policy can be delivered better through the local copuncil structure.

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        Blair, Brown and Darling certainly had a good few disasters in their time in office, they should have been held accountable to the UK for causing such nationwide chaos. Holyrood was just one of them, the Iraq war another the banking/financial crisis & crash the list goes on and on. What a legacy they left. No wonder none of that bunch received a gong from HM Queen after leaving office.

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      This is the ridiculous situation in Glasgow. Bars and restaurants in central Glasgow closed but those across the road in another authority but still greater Glasgow opened. Absolute madness!

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        Bill Murphy1

        Totally agree Steve. There are small pockets of Glasgow that have the Indian variant but the people residing there could potentially travel anywhere! So what is the point of Level 3 for the whole of Glasgow. Sturgeon just loves the power and of course grandstanding.

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      The different rules in different authorities is not new. In days of old, when Glasgow pubs closed at 2:30pm on a Sunday, the contents of the Glasgow pubs (the Brig) would march up the hill to Baillieston at 2:30pm, where there was another half hour of drinking to be had.

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        Graeme Thomas

        The Boundary Bar on Leith Walk (is it now some sort of Belgian/Scottish lager hybrid called The Bier Hoose) had a line painted on the floor from the time when Edinburgh and Leith had different licensing laws. If you bought a pint at the southern end of the bar (Edinburgh) and hadn’t finished drinking it by closing time you just carried it across the room in to Leith!

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      David A

      It’s time scotland and the UK stood up to sturgeon and the snp racism against the English…..she’s now gonna rename the Indian variant of covid so not to offend Indians but in the same breath says its more transmissible than the Kent variant….and thts the tip of the iceberg….I live in Scotland and only know one snp supporter and tbh there not tht bright….its time her racism STOPPED

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      Union Mike

      I’m an Englishman who has been living in the Scottish Highlands for 47 of my 50 years on the planet. My wife is a Highland girl my kids are both Scottish born in Inverness. I love this country and the majority of its people, like David A I know very few SNP supporters, so I was completely gutted with the last election results. I always call us unionists or no voters the silent majority and have always had the “what I now know is a false” belief that the SNP supporter was vocal and visual, always banging the indy drum and always having a flag in the garden or at the very least a sticker in their car window, or a messy garden lol. I know now that there are obviously a great deal of silent SNP supporters which is very worrying. I have completely lost all hope of ever riding ourselves of the incompetent racist Snatzie party. They have been under performing on all aspects of governing the country for 14 years, in fact it’s worse than that, the country is ruined and it does not take anyone with even half of a brain cell to know this, it’s a fact, yet still they get voted in? I cant get my head around it? I am now of the opinion, let them get what they wish for and when it goes tits up! which it most definitely will, see who they blame. I can imagine it will be something pathetic like, we were tricked. I had friends up from the North of England just last week and as they drove over the border the goons were out in force on the overpasses with their banners telling the English to basically bugger off back to England, what kind of message is this giving to our fellow contyrmen, why is this type of racism allowed in this day and age? if they were waving banners with “go back home” to black people they would be arrested so what’s the difference. I’m getting very frustrated with what’s happening in this country and it’s getting worse.

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      I’m not surprised you know very few SNP supporters. Only a third of those eligible to vote voted for them. A third voted the unionist parties and the rest didn’t vote.

      The issue for me is the main unionist parties are always caught up in the London bubble politics and the SNP get away with stuff.

      Add in the Scottish media and establishment, or the more affluent celebs, are the puppets for SNP propaganda, and you risk being cancelled for voicing an opinion from the cybernats.

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      I am still and have been baffled for a long time about wanting independence then rushing off to sign it all away to the EU.
      I was born in Wales so I get the wanting independence thing but you have to be realistic in Life and Welsh independence could possible hurt Wales, it may be different in the future but whilst the city of London puts the most taxes in the coffers, then Independence could be very taxing for the Welsh economy. I believe it would be the same for the Scots. In Wales I see no great gusto to re-join the EU. I could be wrong, we all only see what is around us daily and get fed the BS views by the MSM.

      One thing I always remember about politicians is that their political decisions very rarely have a detrimental effect on their own day to day life. Eg Blair wanted to the president of Europe so he gave away Thatchers hard won EU rebate. He is not president of the EU but he was not personally affected by handing back millions of pounds of tax payers money. We all have.
      Brown and PFI funding, he will boast about the new hospitals etc but forget to mention the devastating cost to the tax payer of these deals.
      Cameron his renegotiated EU terms, are we all stupid! He failed in those talks and failed in the Brexit debates. Then quit as a failure. But he’s doing alright.
      May. Hopeless PM terrible at negotiating, she still thinks her deal was a good deal but it missed, what I believe, was the majority point of Brexit but she’s doing alright.

      Etc etc etc

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      [email protected]

      If the first King of Britain was James V1 of Scotland (James 1 of Britain) I don’t understand why they want independence?

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      I had a brain fart the other day when i realised the potential of the EU being covertly involved in Scottish independence. Sturgen during Brexit went to the EU and spoke to the leaders, in my view an act of treason – She is an MP just like any other she just happens to be the most senior in a remote location other than that she actually does not have the power of a Prime minister even though she thinks she does, she is just an MP. So with that in mind consider that the EU could manipulate the Scottish Independence campaign to make a route through the north of the uk to reunite the republic and NI with mainland Europe via land effectively. As it currently stands The republic of Ireland is an isolated island off the coast of a country no longer under its control. Its like playing the board game Risk how to you re-join your territories. Ni will continue to be a pawn in this battle until the EU stop acting like children and grow up. If the union is a good venture aimed at being for the good of all then why is it acting like a dictatorship. Its members should be free to come and go if required, the Remainers must surely see that this aspect of the so call union is not a pretty one. The republic of Ireland was bullied back in the 90s, Greece was bullied recently now its our turn. Friends do not behave like this. Seriously they don’t.

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