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      Ian Rogers

      As a response to Mahyar’s article on the NHS, having worked in the NHS as a consultant estates director and living and having family living in several European countries the solution is not as simple as stated.
      Firstly other country’s systems have pros and cons. Switzerland has an insurance based system which is very expensive and yet does not provide good quality or effective healthcare. Slovakia has a direct access system to specialist doctors, which I like, rather than having to go through your GP each time.
      I believe the NHS emergency treatment to be second to none in the world.
      However the real issues in my simplified opinion are two fold, poor management/budgetry control and (more controversially) that the NHS is over funded and that social services are totally underfunded.
      One of the biggest issues the NHS faces is something called bed blockers, these are generally the frail and elderly who are not capable of looking after themselves but are not really ill enough to justify being in hospital, however there is nowhere to to put them as social services and their facilities are completly overwhelmed.
      I therefore belive that the management and finacial controls of the NHS need to be made far more effective and that social services should be properly funded, possibly by shifting some monies from the NHS, so that there is sufficient capacity to receive the people that require care. This would then free up the hospitals to do what they are there to do in a much more efficient way.
      I agree that the private sector need to be mnore invoved, however a completely private, insurance backed system is not necessarily the effective solution.

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      Hi Ian, could you point me at his article, I’ve skimmed through but can’t find it and would like to take a look.

      From my own personal perspective I see a lot of waste and a lack of accountability in the current system. It needs a top to bottom independent and critical review, then completely reorganised and made fit for purpose. People held to account at all levels and not protected by the system. Problem is for many it is a religion not a publicly funded service, critisim not allowed, just get on and clap…

      Privitise competetivly to drive down cost and improve service. Complete transparency throughout. To be honest I had high hopes that once Cummings had sorted out the civil service he would have moved on and done likewise to this and any other publically funded sink hole. He was driven by the data not the pantomime.

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