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      Gareth Southgate is so wrong in his view that criticising taking the knee is the cause of racism.

      Does he not realise that taking the knee, in support of a Marxist urban terrorist group, BLM, does not help minorities but encourages bigotry and racism.

      There are many people in this country who are fairly tolerant and not at all racist that are sick to the back teeth of this left wing mantra.

      I have know lots of black people (and Indian/Pakistani and Chinese) who are doing fine, not being held back, not being victimised, not being targeted.

      There will always be a small number who are racist but for the rest of us, Gareth, look at your own actions before you start pointing the finger.

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      I work with people with a variety of political viewpoints, backgrounds, and also from different religious backgrounds who inherently disagree with the footballers taking the knee.

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