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      James Stuart

      It’s true. The politically indoctrinated and now in positions of influence … EVERYWHERE. They are especially prevalent in the media. Alright, I know I’m stating the obvious and we sort of expect this sort of left wing anti-common sense behaviour from the champagne socialists of the Biased Broadcasting Commune. But now the insidious fingers of wokeness have seeped over to GMB.

      I read the transcript of the presenter having a go at one of the guests who dared to suggest we train more doctors and nurses here instead of relying on foreign clinical staff. The presenter went on to say the NHS is being propped up by foreign doctors and nurses, especially within the last 18 months, insinuating the country cannot do without these highly trained people.

      But that’s not the point.

      Yes there are many foreign originating clinical staff working for the NHS and yes they, like everyone else, have done a great job under difficult circumstances. That’s not the point.

      The point is YES we need to train more staff here instead of relying on foreign imports. Why? Because if there are many foreign doctors and nurses here then who is taking care of the healthcare in their own countries? Those other countries are suffering because there is an effective brain drain to areas such as the UK, and so, while we are grateful for the input … who is taking care of the sick people in their own countries?

      The fact is, we need to train more here and reduce the reliance on foreign staff so those foreign staff can stay where they are and help the population there. And if they don’t, what happens? We spend vast amounts of foreign aid to help establish healthcare systems in those poorer countries with associated and dramatic mercy missions from groups of hospital staff here to over there.

      It’s all a bit mad, isn’t it? But the silver lining is that we are to blame for everything and yet again no one is allowed a common sense opinion other than the really, really stupid left wing woke narrative who thrive on the chaos they create as if to prove it’s all our fault.

      What a crazy world we have made.

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      The NHS could do a lot worse than llok at how companies such as BUPA or Nuffield run their operations as the NHS is far too management type heavy rather than doctors, nurses & auxillary clincial staff heavy

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        I know this is a generalisation, but…

        Those countries, who’s doctors work in the NHS, tend to have medical care for the rich and virtually nothing for the poor (or the majority). India for example has very well developed health care system, that you can only afford if you’re wealthy. Most developing nations depend on western NGO’s and charities for medical care for their poor and elderly.

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