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      I suspect I am not alone in having migrated from the Youtube hosted site where I was a member. I used to watch the vast majority of the content on my Smart tv where I would routinely scroll through all my subscribed sites (Alex Belfield, Jeff Taylor, Reasoned and the like). I have now cancelled my subscriptions as advised and now signed up to this site. I am reasonably tech-savvy and have now set my tv up to connect to the Internet and have saved this site as a ‘Favourite’ so I can view it reasonably easily on the tv but I confess it was not that straight-forward and I would assume that many may be put off by the shift away from Youtube. For this reason I was thinking if it would be possible to embed a link in the Youtube site that automatically links out to this site. If this was possible I am sure that migration and take-up figures would improve. Failing that, a set of instructions on the Youtube site covering how to get this channel viewable on smart tvs would help immensely.

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      Kizzy Catwoman

      Seems like perfect place to post this tip.

      I have a LG smart TV with screen share and a Samsung S10+ with wireless Dex built in. So I connected my phone to the TV and opened my browser and now I am watching episode 3 on my TV. OK it is a work around but it works for me!

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      Can we improve the website appearance on smartphones at all? The logo, top bar, and media links take up 1/3 of screen in portrait mode. Every time you press to interact with a text field such as this post text, the page scrolls down and gets covered by the header. 🥴

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      Thanks for all the feedback, guys. We’re working on all that to make sure you have a smooth experience 🙂


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      if you use Apple devices and have fairly modern TV you should be able to “AirPlay” Mahyar’s video’s to your TV from your iPhone.

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      You Tube are big enough to have an App on new TV’s settings and on devices to allow the site to stream seamlessly.

      Websites behind paywalls generally need to be streamed from a device like an Iphone or Lap Top to the TV.

      Or see if there is a WWW browser on the TV which will allow you to open the website directly.

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        Kizzy Catwoman

        Although I have Dex I also have an iPhone and Apple TV in another room and have been airplaying his videos most days as it is easier than using Dex sometimes.

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