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      Here, we can discuss anything related to Free Trade

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      Apparently, we import about 25% of our total national meat consumption of which less than 1% currently comes from Australia. So how come a new free trade deal with Australia is going to “devastate our farming industry”? I would happily see our imports from Australia (and New Zealand in future) fill that 25% especially at the expense of the European Union, including Eira and also the South Americas. Time we started trading with our friends not our “friends”.

      Richard Hyde

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      “Free Trade” or “Fair Trade”? While free trade may be the ideal between democratic law-abiding nations, I would suggest that this is meaningless when dealing with authoritarian and expansionist regimes such as China’s CCP. Then trade needs to be restricted to fair trade.

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      It’s not going to devastate our farming industry. Australia and New Zealand don’t fill the quotas they have already and by the time the produce is shipped into the UK from those countries it’s not that cheap either.

      The biggest market for meat is China on their doorstep. So why would farmers want to incur additional costs shipping to the UK?

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      Liz Truss seems to be the one Cabinet Member doing a great job.
      Glad to hear of another deal with Australia.

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      I’m not sure if it’s Brexit or a global issue, but importing goods this year has been extremely difficult.

      Before I work on a design for a project, I now have to pre-order 70% of the components to ensure we get them on time.
      Many times, the delivery dates get pushed back 1 or 2 months.
      This year, we have got a real problem with availability of electrical components in the UK.
      Frequently I have to change my design to suit parts that are available, as suppliers cancel, lose or delay their shipments.
      It’s very frustrating, as the customers don’t accept a delay.

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      i live in australia and the meat market and lobster market is finished with china and they china are trying to bullie australia into submission to them so its better to trade with nations that appreciate free trade and accept our produce without COERCION

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