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      Hi Mahyar,

      I wondered if you have seen this video: ‘https://rumble.com/vhp7y5-full-interview-world-renowned-doctor-blows-lid-off-of-covid-vaccine.html’.

      It is very hard hitting, especially in the last 10 mins. Any thoughts?
      Wishing you the very best of success with the channel.

      Tim M

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      Good spot, thanks for linking this. Just watched it and maybe it just fits with my own unconcious bias but point after point just resonates. Big questions for me are the why and the what? Why have they pushed it constently towards vacination, even as the Virus must naturally be weakening. Is it really just about money in the end? What do they really gain from the blind fear and control they are creating? WHere does this all lead?

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