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      Old Sailor

      The reason we pay a licence to the BBC is to ensure it remains impartial and cannot be swayed with outside UK sourced financial inducements. Through a FOI it is now known that the EU has been funding the BBC for the last few years, probably since the referendum.

      An extract from the Daily Telegraph today – As was noted by the Minister at the DCMS at the time …. “The whole point of the licence fee is to protect the BBC’s political independence and impartiality by providing it with a source of funding that is outside the hands of governments and politicians. Thanks to this FoI response, we now learn that it has been going cap in hand to the EU for millions of pounds on the quiet over the last few years. Such outrageous flouting of the principles on which the BBC is based and funded will only promote cynicism about its political impartiality and lead to a loss of trust in the BBC’s independence.

      How do we force the Government to act on this information and close down the BBC in is current format. Close it down like the News of the World was destroyed. Then build a new National Broadcaster from the ashes and make it the Broadcaster we all want it to be. Politically Impartial, Patriotic, Educational and Entertaining.

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      I think Alex Belfield has only scratched the surface on what really happens @ the BBC , I personally gave up after news nights ( no lettuce for sandwich’s ) a few years ago , Boris should appoint cummings at the head of an investigative team with powers to prosecute anybody guilty of mis managing public funds or tax evasion.

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        Yep. I like the sound of that!

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      Ian Rogers

      The BBC has to go. Many years agao I worked for a contractor maintaining the buildings and what I saw opened my eyes to how the BBC operated.

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      Geoff B

      The question to ask is this political interference by the EU and did the BBC work with MPs to block Brexit if so then there is more questions to be asked we need to know how much of this undemocratic and heads should roll

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