I had a brain fart the other day when i realised the potential of the EU being covertly involved in Scottish independence. Sturgen during Brexit went to the EU and spoke to the leaders, in my view an act of treason – She is an MP just like any other she just happens to be the most senior in a remote location other than that she actually does not have the power of a Prime minister even though she thinks she does, she is just an MP. So with that in mind consider that the EU could manipulate the Scottish Independence campaign to make a route through the north of the uk to reunite the republic and NI with mainland Europe via land effectively. As it currently stands The republic of Ireland is an isolated island off the coast of a country no longer under its control. Its like playing the board game Risk how to you re-join your territories. Ni will continue to be a pawn in this battle until the EU stop acting like children and grow up. If the union is a good venture aimed at being for the good of all then why is it acting like a dictatorship. Its members should be free to come and go if required, the Remainers must surely see that this aspect of the so call union is not a pretty one. The republic of Ireland was bullied back in the 90s, Greece was bullied recently now its our turn. Friends do not behave like this. Seriously they don’t.