I think now that he has been charged and summons to court at least he will get full disclosure of exactly what evidence they have. I suspect this will be the tipping point to be banned from You Tube too for him. He is entertaining that’s for sure!

I’ve only been following Alex a few months. This is what I posted on You Tube about it. I’ve seen the emails Alex sent and he’s not as innocent as he’s making out. They triggered him. It’s more being a persistent nuisance than anything criminal. It’s not due to FOI requests either. A lot of what Alex says can be backed up on certain websites or has been confirmed on Twitter by the people involved but it’s over a year old.

‘You can point the finger, blame Alex, or do a little bit of research and find out for yourself. The original starting point is email from Bernie Keith being shared by Ben Hewis. Ben didn’t know Alex but tried to destroy his career anyways. A pile on ensued by this Ben’s friends sharing it. Jeremy Vine retweeted and shared the false allegations. Ben who originally shared the email publicly apologized to Alex on Twitter. These friends are the people who stole money from others and were convicted. Bernie then reported Alex to the police for stalking.

It’s all on the web if you look back to last year. The issue for Alex is the criminal case will prevent him from suing in the civil case because until it’s resolved. Alex now has decent lawyers and full disclosure of the evidence.

Ben Hewis in the last few days confirmed on Twitter he shared the email from Bernie Keith. I do think Alex has become a bit obsessed and Hewis is a potential victim trusting his friend as gospel. I think Ben may have reported Alex to the police also and triggered him again.

It’s the theatre luvvies equivalent of the Alex Salmond case. Lots of people who know one another making historical accusations to the police.

I suspect the police can’t be bothered with this nonsense either as it’s not big time crime!’