I don’t want to pay for leftist political propaganda. They always state that people have continued to decide to keep the BBC advert free, they are not allowed to make income from advertising as part of their charter. The thing is they advertise their own subscription services which is a commercial product, so they do get paid for advertising all be it indirectly. As for the decision to keep them advert free, how many licence payers have even been asked. Who has been asked. The world service is now around 30% of what it used to be and the argument is that now many people can access public services via the internet. Th world service is provided as a free service to many countries which now have their own television and satelite stations, not to mention the internet. The only thing the licence payer is paying for is crooks, liars, woke agenda and Gary Linekars wages + other time wasters. But wait now the ladies are requesting equal pay dispite accepting a contract of employment with less wages that a man apparently. Not only are they getting a pay rise but its also being backdated. With the latest revelations how in hells name can they keep a straight face.