I am still and have been baffled for a long time about wanting independence then rushing off to sign it all away to the EU.
I was born in Wales so I get the wanting independence thing but you have to be realistic in Life and Welsh independence could possible hurt Wales, it may be different in the future but whilst the city of London puts the most taxes in the coffers, then Independence could be very taxing for the Welsh economy. I believe it would be the same for the Scots. In Wales I see no great gusto to re-join the EU. I could be wrong, we all only see what is around us daily and get fed the BS views by the MSM.

One thing I always remember about politicians is that their political decisions very rarely have a detrimental effect on their own day to day life. Eg Blair wanted to the president of Europe so he gave away Thatchers hard won EU rebate. He is not president of the EU but he was not personally affected by handing back millions of pounds of tax payers money. We all have.
Brown and PFI funding, he will boast about the new hospitals etc but forget to mention the devastating cost to the tax payer of these deals.
Cameron his renegotiated EU terms, are we all stupid! He failed in those talks and failed in the Brexit debates. Then quit as a failure. But he’s doing alright.
May. Hopeless PM terrible at negotiating, she still thinks her deal was a good deal but it missed, what I believe, was the majority point of Brexit but she’s doing alright.

Etc etc etc