I personally think it should all be subscription based make the Britbox app available to the world, put all the live channels on it too. I live in Ireland & have a subscription for it (Which I must get around to cancelling because after Brexit it no longer works over here) & made good use of it. If people don’t want the subscription they should just get the basic BBC1 & 2 & non of the access to their bloated website & radio service, the 24 hour news service is on a permanent 15 minute loop & consumes a vast percentage of the corporations budget & actually delivers no more news to us than did the old lunch time, 6pm & 9 O’clock news slots we grew up with & lets face it they are populated with so called stars that are doing no more than anyone who isn’t dyslexic could do save for Joe Biden & that is to read from an autocue without squinting. If anyone can get access to Sky News Australia I would suggest you give it a try to see what a news agency should be doing, their front of camera staff are Australians, proud Australians happy to champion Australia & Australians & stand up for what makes them Australian which is a far cry from our weasel EU sycophants who peddle the agenda of an organisation that seeks to do us harm rather than fighting our corner & highlighting how & why we came to the decision & how & why we are right to be a open & free market economy looking out rather than chained to a closed cartel of protectionism.