Ah this is just another media frenzy. The media are acting like a pool of piranha trying to attack & destroy Boris Johnson & the will of the electorate, they simply can’t cope with the fact he’s like a Flavorstone Non Stick frying pan in the eyes of the public. This government is delivering on the promises it made before the election & the only people putting up roadblocks to what we voted for are the opposition benches & the failed politicians who were parachuted into the Lords. How is it we have so many lib Dems in the Lords? They should all have been booted out for hiding what Paedophile Cyril Smith was up to. If David Steel knew as he said he did then so did the rest of them & what turns my stomach was I actually met the creep when I was about 14 on a school trip to the Westminster in the 70’s & he was one of the people giving a speech about if abortion had been allowed when he was born he wouldn’t be where he was today, many who he abused will wish it was around on the 28th June 1928!