Union Mike

I’m an Englishman who has been living in the Scottish Highlands for 47 of my 50 years on the planet. My wife is a Highland girl my kids are both Scottish born in Inverness. I love this country and the majority of its people, like David A I know very few SNP supporters, so I was completely gutted with the last election results. I always call us unionists or no voters the silent majority and have always had the “what I now know is a false” belief that the SNP supporter was vocal and visual, always banging the indy drum and always having a flag in the garden or at the very least a sticker in their car window, or a messy garden lol. I know now that there are obviously a great deal of silent SNP supporters which is very worrying. I have completely lost all hope of ever riding ourselves of the incompetent racist Snatzie party. They have been under performing on all aspects of governing the country for 14 years, in fact it’s worse than that, the country is ruined and it does not take anyone with even half of a brain cell to know this, it’s a fact, yet still they get voted in? I cant get my head around it? I am now of the opinion, let them get what they wish for and when it goes tits up! which it most definitely will, see who they blame. I can imagine it will be something pathetic like, we were tricked. I had friends up from the North of England just last week and as they drove over the border the goons were out in force on the overpasses with their banners telling the English to basically bugger off back to England, what kind of message is this giving to our fellow contyrmen, why is this type of racism allowed in this day and age? if they were waving banners with “go back home” to black people they would be arrested so what’s the difference. I’m getting very frustrated with what’s happening in this country and it’s getting worse.