Meet Mahyar

Mahyar is an independent political commentator bringing you the latest on issues that are not covered in an objective way by the mainstream media.

This channel believes in freedom of speech and representing people from all parts of the United Kingdom. With British values under attack by the mainstream elites, this is your go-to place for hard-hitting analysis on political and cultural issues of the day.

Stay tuned for breaking news, daily shows, and live broadcasts.

Meet Lacey

Lacey is the Executive Producer of the channel, responsible for production quality and creative aspects of the platform.

With a background in politics, she also has experience in property and digital media.

Lacey is a strong believer in giving power to people via information and objective news reporting. This is why she joined this channel to ensure we report what the mainstream media fails to prioritise.


Meet Peter

Peter Barnes is the Political Editor of the channel.

He also co-hosts the Friday shows at 6pm, covering the big political stories from across the United Kingdom.

With years of experience in political consultancy, Peter is an expert in the world of policy and communication.

Meet Michael

Michael Heaver is the co-host of the Monday news shows.

Alongside Mahyar, he will be covering the major stories that are being ignored by the mainstream media.

Michael also runs his own YouTube channel and is the former Brexit Party MEP who spent years running the campaign to successfully get Britain out of the European Union.

Meet Emma

Emma Webb is the social commentator of the channel.

With a successful background as Deputy Research Director of the Free Speech Union, she continues to be one of the strongest pro free speech voices in the UK.

As a regular contributor, Emma will provide a fresh perspective on everything from Culture Wars to national security.

Meet Daniel

Daniel Mcilhiney presents a weekly podcast, every Saturday at 6pm

These podcasts focus on philosophy and cultural issues of the day.

Daniel is a social conservative who believes the western civilisation is losing touch with the traditional values that helped shape our lives.