Foreign Office Props Up Woke Stonewall

Official reports confirm that the government, via taxpayers, have recently given the woke organisation, Stonewall, £1.25m.

This includes various publicly-funded bodies that take advantage of ordinary people’s money to fund this radical organisation.

However, this revelation has become a bigger problem for Liz Truss as her new department, Foreign Office, has become known to be the largest donor as it is responsible for 52% of the funding.

The new Foreign Secretary is a strong opponent of Stonewall, therefore we can eventually expect a robust response from her team.

Meanwhile, Foreign Office’s out of touch civil servants have responded to this report by saying that “the FCO provides funding to Stonewall to defend the human rights of LGBT+ people around the world, with programmes that tackle discrimination and hate crime running across Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Most recently, this included work to evacuate LGBT+ people from Afghanistan under threat from the Taliban.”

This nonsensical statement does not explain whether they actually achieve anything. Is sending a passive aggressive email to President XI once a week enough? Or inviting the head of Taliban to a transgender training with Hollywood celebrities?

One thing is certain: this is a waste of time and money.