Anti-Brexit Valérie Pécresse Becomes Macron’s Main Contender

The French Républicains have now picked Valérie Pécresse as their leading candidate to take on Emmanuel Macron in the upcoming presidential election.

The centre-right candidate has risen to power by simply opposing conservatism and economic freedom policies.

Pécresse has previously been part of the 2005 EU constitution referendum in France where she campaigned for more EU powers. Whilst her campaign lost and the ‘No’ side achieved 55% of the vote, Pécresse did not give up and decided to be part of the plot to push for the 2008 Lisbon treaty, which implemented the EU constitution via the backdoor.

She is a passionate hater of Brexit and national sovereignty; has pushed for left wing agenda of anti-nuclear energy by prioritising renewables; and has named Merkel as her idol by suggesting that the UK must be punished for leaving the European Union.

Pécresse is currently second in the polls, right behind Macron.