Once a year on this day, we come together to remember the sacrifice our heroes made over a century ago.

Our WWI heroes died so we can live freely. The effects of that war are still visible in the western world.

However, this day should not just be about not being defeated by the enemy. 

For me and my family, this day has a special meaning. My parents were born in Iran and when were forced out by the Islamic dictatorship, this great kingdom gave them a chance to have a fresh start in life.

It is important to remember that our heroes did not only help keep our freedoms but they also helped us keep our extraordinary British values.

This country, not only gave my family a safe haven, but also allowed us to embrace the British culture instead of feeling alien in a new nation.

Our political class and successive governments constantly speak of honouring the soldiers’ sacrifice. They speak of defending our armed forces. They speak of standing up to injustice, yet they continue to betray our veterans on a regular basis.

If we want to truly remember our fallen heroes, then we must not leave our veterans behind.