Lib Dems Mislead Electorate With Dodgy Leaflets

The Liberal Democrats are out in their usual numbers campaigning for the upcoming North Shropshire by-election.

As the parties’ campaigns are prepared, all eyes in Westminster were on the Lib Dems’ inevitable dodgy leaflets. It has to be said, we were not disappointed.

Local activists decided to distribute the leaflets – shown below – that have completely misleading stats and charts suggesting that the party is the only group that can beat the Conservatives.

There is only one problem with this chart. During the last election, the Lib Dems only managed to get 10% of the votes and finish third, behind the Labour Party. However, as usual, the local Lib Dem organisers decided to be selective with their data and only picked the May 2021 rough numbers which are not representative of that particular seat’s elections.

It is embarrassing that this party is standing against “sleaze” and “corruption” yet they consistently lie their way out of every election we have in this country.