Fake Outrage At Fake ‘Cancellation’ Of Novara Media

The far-left YouTube channel, Novara Media, announced earlier today that Google have removed them from their platform. However, instantly following this news, the channel seemed visible and accessible again.

The main reason for the short term outage is still unknown as Novara Media’s content on YouTube are very friendly towards Google’s guidelines.

This non-drama did not stop a number of Labour MPs and communist activists from having an unnecessary meltdown on Twitter.

This included the channel’s Head of Video, Gary McQuiggin who said, “Whether or not you agree with what we publish, it shouldn’t be the whim of giant tech companies to delete us overnight with no explanation.”

McQuiggin was the same person, who last year said, “it’s not censorship when a private company decides to remove you from it’s platform. You don’t have an inalienable right to have a Twitter account.”

Novara Media was established in 2011, yet despite constant output and big left wing names behind it, they have struggled to even reach 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. The channel currently gets an average of 10,000 per video, yet the founders claim that the outlet is part of the main British media family in terms of reach.