British Medical Association Call For Winter Lockdown

The left wing trade union, British Medical Association, have called for winter lockdown measures – Sajid Javid’s Plan B – in response to the NHS’s mismanagement of the healthcare system.

This call comes despite the fact that only 5% of hospital beds consist of Covid patients.

The Plan B measures include face masks, vaccine passports, and remote working from home.

The chair of BMA, Dr Chaand Nagpaul said, “the Westminster government said it would enact ‘plan B’ to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed; as doctors working on the frontline, we can categorically say that time is now.”

Meanwhile taxpayers who fund the NHS complain about the fact that despite paying for it, they are asked to not use the so-called universal healthcare system. There are now calls for the NHS to change its model to become closer to a structure similar to western and northern European countries.