MI5 Furious With Government Over Extremism Threat

MI5 and counter-terrorism police have expressed their concerns over the way the government is handling the threat of extremism.

Spies say that they are at ‘breaking point’ as they struggle to keep tabs on thousands of extremists who freely walk streets of Britain.

Security officers have also said that MI5 must be given more powers to control the counter-terrorism programmes, such as Prevent.

One officer said: “Police and security-focused agencies are more likely to put people on to support programmes. The NHS, schools, local authorities and other agencies are often much weaker at intervention because they don’t want to antagonise faith groups.

“They’re more likely to see the best in people and be less cautious about the risks. That is why they’re going to recommend cutting the number of panel members because it takes in far too many people from far too many agencies, many of which are far too reticent at intervening, particularly with cases involving people from overseas.”