President XI To Boycott Boris’ Climate Change Summit

Boris Johnson’s team have indicated that China will not be attending the COP26 summit, which will take place in Glasgow.

This is despite the fact that President XI was present at the Paris conference in 2015 where countries agreed to a climate change target.

Western leaders fear that China’s absence will bring a set-back when it comes to setting the new climate change agenda.

Grant Shapps told Sky News, “Of course we want them there, we want everyone there, but let’s see who comes. If countries don’t come they will be outliers and most countries want to be relevant in this.”

Undoubtably the World Economic Forum leaders will be disappointed with this news as they have been attempting to create a centralised and globalised agenda to convince all governments to unite behind their unrealistic target.

What we are all waiting for is to see the reaction from the western middle class warriors – Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg – in regards to China’s potential absence. Will they speak out against it or…?