Prince William Joins The Collectivist ‘Green’ Ideologues

Prince William has joined his father’s journey on environmental causes by expressing his opinions during a BBC interview.

For years, Prince Charles has been criticised for politicising the royal family, while his son was cautious not to fall into the same trap.

However, speaking to the BBC, Prince William said that space exploration should not be a priority and the greatest minds and the rich must focus on fixing this planet’s problems first.

On the surface, this sounds nice. However, the approach requires a collectivist – an ideology driven by marxism, socialism, etc – in order to be successful.

William has been criticised for both not understanding economics but also advising free citizens on how they should spend their own money and intellect.

Space exploration will allow humans to achieve scientific advancement that will help fix this planet’s problems. Individuals must also be free to decide how they wish to live their life.

Collectivist approach has never and will never fix any long term problem in this world. Free markets, free choice, and free thoughts can.

It’s lovely for privileged and rich kids to advise the rest of us plebs, but that is not how the world works.