Elon Musk Leaves Woke California For Pro-Business Texas

Following big clashes with liberal Californians in charge of the state, Elon Musk has finally announced that he is moving his HQ to Texas.

Musk has argued that Silicon Valley and California have been winning for too long and that has made them complacent.

His latest argument with the state officials has been over local Covid restrictions that have made it difficult for the business and its employees to operate.

Speaking to Washington Post, the office of the Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom hit back by saying that “California is the birthplace of innovation, the fifth largest economy in the world, and home to the biggest ideas and companies on the planet – that success is not despite our progressive policies, but because of them.”

Anti-Woke innovators believe that this mentality is the reason Silicon Valley is being abandoned by many. The arrogant focus on the previous success which only happened thanks to capitalism, yet the shift has now moved it towards an anti-business progressive agenda.