Mask Hypocrisy Of Boris And Biden

President Biden and Prime Minister Johnson have been criticised for showing hypocrisy on face coverings.

Both leaders are huge advocates of face masks. They have even in the past pushed for outdoors mask wearing. According to both governments, they believe as leaders they must lead by example. Yet, when they met in the Oval Office yesterday, they forgot to remain in character.

Whilst sitting to talk in front of cameras, they remained masked. However, after the session, they avoided social distancing and face masks – despite the fact that the press were still in the room.

This is the latest incident by both politicians that has raised eyebrows. Whilst in Cornwall with other world leaders, they managed to break the UK rules on Covid by having a mass gathering – breaking the limit.

There is no surprise that the majority of the public continue saying ‘one rule for them and another for the rest of us’.

Mahyar Tousi’s reaction below: