NHS Slammed For Promoting BLM & Antifa Agenda

The NHS’ diversity team have been criticised for embracing the controversial and divisive values of the far-left.

Prerana Issar, one of the diversity managers, receives £235,000 of taxpayers’ money each year – far higher than the Prime Minister and the head of the NHS.

As part of this programme, the NHS bosses are using public funds to teach the values of BLM and Antifa to their staff.

According to the online training, “BLM’s philosophy would encourage the NHS to critically evaluate its organisations and practices to address the systemic barriers which have retained and relegated BME nurses to the lower tiers of the nursing hierarchy for decades.”

The new health secretary, Sajid Javid, has also hit back at the NHS by warning against “any waste or wokery”.

Mahyar Tousi’s reaction below: