Battle Of Dover: Border Force & France’s Migrants Clash

Following huge public backlash, Home Secretary Priti Patel has ordered the UK Border Force to use jet skis to force illegal migrant boats to return to France.

The French government has criticised any move that results in the boats going back towards their territory.

This move is currently supported by 57% of the British public according to Opinium.

Former Navy chief Admiral Lord West, on the other hand has said this could be a dangerous exercise.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “If the sea was flat and calm it would be quite dodgy. If you’ve got any wind and waves going it’s very dodgy. It’s an accident waiting to happen. It’s not clever and it is problematic.”

As Priti Patel continues to clash with Macron’s government over the £54.2m British funding of the French authorities, there is still no effort from Paris to rectify this situation.

Mahyar Tousi’s reaction below: