SNP’s Pro-EU Lies Exposed

SNP’s senior member, Alyn Smith, has come out with latest pro-EU claims in an attempt to persuade Scottish voters to support the party’s isolationist campaign to leave the union.

Mr Smith and the SNP leadership have told voters that an Independent Scotland could join the EU – despite certain EU members opposing the idea – and that will result in the growth of the Scottish economy.

The socialist member for Stirling has said that “getting back into the European Union would put rocket boosters on our recovery from Covid.”

He continued: “We can do better than we are doing right now. Independence in Europe is the answer to the problems that Scotland has.”

However, these claims have now been debunked thanks to stats from organisations such as the ONS.

In regards to fiscal transfers, Scotland is part of the UK areas that see more coming in than out.

The latest comprehensive export statistics from 2018, and since, also show that the biggest market for Scotland is the UK at £51.2bn, followed by the rest of the world, and then at the bottom the European Union – at only £16.1bn.

Mahyar Tousi’s reaction below: