Anti-Capitalist NHS Activist Makes Profit Out Of Healthcare Products

Dr Julia Grace Patterson, who seems to be a big anti-capitalist NHS activist with over 162k Twitter followers and a verified account, uses her public profile to constantly bash the rich taxpayers who fund the healthcare system.

Lately, Patterson has been speaking out against the concept of making money for your work, claiming health providers who ask for money should just do it out of charity. This is despite the fact that every healthcare worker on her side continues to demand for more money to meet the living standards – which you could argue is fair.

What is not fair is when the socialist NHS activists then ask other taxpayers to essentially provide their services for free.

The biggest hypocrisy is that Patterson runs a website which sells face masks for at least £12 despite the fact that they are not clinically protective.

The NHS as a culture is failing due to the fact that the voices representing it are political activists rather than impartial medical professionals.

Mahyar Tousi’s reaction below: