Race For Afghanistan Between EU, China, And Russia

As the US withdraws from Afghanistan, we witness a new race for the control of the territory. This is of course a diplomatic and power race, not a direct colonial race.

China, Russia, and now the EU are all very keen to show their presence in the region to protect their own interests.

Despite at times, certain sides acted as diplomatic allies, all three sides have different intentions when it comes to the Taliban.

The EU’s Joseph Borrell who is the head of foreign affairs in Brussels, has indicated that the EU must be seen as a replacement for the American government. Borrell insists they aim to make Taliban more respectful of human rights. However, others speculate that this is a soft exercise for potential EU Army in case NATO is not in action in the future.

China on the other hand are creating a close friendship with the Taliban due to the rich nature of Afghan resources. Wu Jianghao, China’s deputy foreign minister, has made a deal with Taliban so Beijing could keep its CCP embassy in Kabul and increase humanitarian aid.

Russia has declared its interest based on the excuse of security. Putin’s regime has said that it plans to work with Taliban so Afghanistan could “join the family of civilised nations”. Moscow has described this as a key step for ensuring security in central Asia. 

Meanwhile the world is asking where Biden’s America is…

Mahyar Tousi’s reaction below: