Anti-Macron Protests To End His Presidency

As the anti vaccine passports protests continue in France, the effects of this movement can be visibly seen by Macron’s election campaign team.

The French government is losing popularity by the day and the incumbent has only a few months to rectify this.

According to a Figaro/AFP poll, the President is struggling to gain a big lead for the upcoming election:

Emmanuel Macron 24%

Marine Le Pen 23%

Xavier Bertrand (centre-Right Les Républicains) 16%

Valérie Pecresse (Les Republicains) 14% 

Jean Luc Mélenchon (Corbynite Left) 14%

Anne Hidalgo (Socialists) 7%

Yannick Jadot (Green) 6%

Arnaud Montebourg (ex Socialist minister) 5%

Meanwhile, the French police in Paris continue to physically assault the anti vaccine passports protesters who are concerned about the size of their government. 

Mahyar Tousi’s reaction below: