Vaccine Brings Down Trudeau

As we get closer to election day in Canada, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party continues to see a decline in the polls. This is partly because Trudeau is becoming a classic victim of the ‘policy vs politician’ question.

Whilst 80% of Canadians support the Government’s new vaccine scheme for the public sector, a big chunk of the same 80% are against the Liberal Government and Trudeau’s leadership. A similar picture was painted in Britain in 2020 when the public were pro-lockdown as a Government policy but against Boris Johnson’s Government on a political level.

Trudeau took this gamble thinking just because the public back some of his policies, it means they also like and trust him.

His policy to introduce mandatory vaccination for public sector workers is still generally supported but the debate around it has created uncertainty among the public on whether he is the leader Canada needs.

The Liberal Party is currently in decline as they continue to poll around 28% while the Conservative Party is now on 38%.

The other big issue for this election will be Canada’s role on the international stage. Trudeau spent the last few years banging on about internationalism and free trade, yet made little progress when it comes to CANZUK (the trade cooperation between Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom).

Erin O’Toole and the Conservative Party have already made this their priority.