The ‘Defund Labour Party’ Campaign Wins Election

Following a heated leadership election inside Unite The Union, Sharon Graham has been elected as the new General Secretary of the organisation.

Graham who ran on an anti-Starmer and pro-trotskyite campaign, has vowed to discontinue unconditional cooperation with the Labour Party as she believes no “blank cheques” should be given to the party despite historic ties.

She said, “We need to move beyond the internal struggles of the Labour Party.

Labour will likely be in opposition for most of the next decade and workers can’t afford to wait. As General Secretary I make no bones about saying that I will not be giving out blank cheques to any politician or political party.”

Considering this election result is crucial for the future of the Labour Party, the turnout was only 12%:

Sharon Graham: 46,696 (37.7%)

Steve Turner: 41,833 (33.8%)

Gerard Coyne: 35,334 (28.5%)

Mahyar Tousi’s reaction below: